Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Why People Are Leery of Events

I got an email today from a company I have not heard from in a long while - Equity International. The first time I heard of and from this organization was an email right after 9/11, with a similar offer. Today the subject line said - "Invitation to The American Recovery & Reinvestment Briefing."

Where - Willard Hotel- DC
When - next Wednesday, 2:00 PM- 6:00 PM.
Fee - for corporate - $495 if you register ahead of time, $595 at the door. (Government, military & diplomats are admitted free - apparently they have not heard about President Obama's restrictions on accepting gifts, including events.)

The event "Features Congressional and Administration leaders; top experts; key briefing materials; and unparalleled networking." - yet strangely, there are no names listed in the agenda. The agenda itself is kinda vague:

1:00 PM Registration

2:00 PM Welcome

2:05 PM Keynote Address

2:15 PM Congressional Budget Panel

3:00 PM General Session

3:45 PM General Session

4:20 PM General Session

5:00 PM Networking Reception

6:00 PM Adjournment

But don't worry - it's "Brought to you by Equity International, organizer of The Presidential Inauguration Conference last month: .... More than 35,000 leaders have participated in Equity International’s highly-regarded forums."

So, in summary - you can spend several hundred dollars to hear speakers TBA, in sessions that are "general" and "unapralled networking" at the reception.

I can hardly wait.....


  1. Wow, I have heard of vapor ware, but never vapor events. It would be almost worthwhile to contact the hotel to see if they had actually reserved a room.

  2. I especially love the speaker list and bios.