Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Google ends search feature www.Google.com/UncleSam.... without notice

Google, the be all end all of web search, has done away with the best search tool in the government market- www.Google.com/UncleSam - see the discussion thread here:

For those not familiar with this search tool, it was the best way to find anything on US federal, state and local government web sites.  Plug in a word or phrase, hit enter, and voila! Really good and targeted stuff would be at your fingertips. I have used it for hundreds of companies in the last 10 or so years.

I stumbled across it several years back and have been writing and talking about it ever since, and have many others. I have shown numerous people the value of this tool, until...poof- it was gone!

AGGGHHHH!!!! This is horrible!! And worse, they really don't understand what they did!
In the discussion link posted above Rishi K from Google says you can find everything in a regular search.

WRONG!!!! Regular searches include all the non-government sites we were able to filter out through the use of www.Google.com/Unclesam. Rishi, you  don't understand the nature of  our searches and you are WAY off base.

Too any and all in the government market: drop Google a line and tell them "Google, bring back UncleSam!".

If that does not work....Bing- are you paying attention?