Friday, June 28, 2013

The Amtower Uncertainty Principle (The Waldo Factor, part 21)

The Amtower Uncertainty Principle, or the Law of the Food Chain

             The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle states the more defined the location of an object, the less certain we are about the momentum.

The Amtower Uncertainty Principle states that most people do not accurately know or define their real market position, their position in the food chain. Some publicly and privately overstate their position in the food chain and their respective momentum, thereby misleading potential friends, employees, employers, partners, prospects, customers – even their family.

This will inevitably lead to poor delivery on the promises and to the slowing of whatever momentum that person might have, thus deteriorating their market position.

Each of us has had the co-worker who claims responsibility for anything that goes right, the hindsight prescience to humbly seek kudos for work performed by others. I have seen resumes that could indicate the Second Coming.

Most of us recognize hype for what it is, but there is always someone willing to buy the Brooklyn Bridge. Unfortunately, some of those in the gullible category are in positions of responsibility.

On LinkedIn this principle comes into play in a couple ways. If your profile is stagnant, everyone knows where you are and can assume you do little or nothing.

Or, if your profile is full of hyperbolic assertions, people will assume your methane production is much higher than your work output.

State your market position clearly. Knowing and accepting your current market position allows you to accurately plot a course for higher things.