Monday, April 27, 2015

LinkedIn for GovCon - May 6 in Columbia MD

"The LinkedIn class was excellent and I learned a great deal." Federal marketing manager, SAS Institute

Are you a business leader, sales manager or small business owner who wants your sales, marketing and BD staff to-

• Grow their professional network of customer, prospects, and partners

• Connect with more decision makers through introductions and referrals

• Increase their visibility and value by sharing valuable information


Then LinkedIn for Government Contractors is what you need (and seating is limited)!

BEFORE every session of LinkedIn for GovCon, I update the slides. Even though the public sessions are usually only three or four months apart, LinkedIn changes enough that several of my screen shots are outdated. Layout changes, changes to group functions, features disappear – it never stops. So I update for each session.

AFTER every session, people will come up and say “I thought I was an expert before I took this class, but I learned so many things…” If I had a dollar for every time I heard that, well, I would have a couple hundred extra dollars.

It is part of my business to be a master of the intricacies of LinkedIn and to show people and companies how best to use it. I have been coaching people and companies on using LinkedIn since 2009 – six years. Each coaching situation is different and demands slightly or radically different approaches: one size does not fit all.

When was the last time you asked yourself if you are using LinkedIn to your full advantage?

Contractors that “get” LinkedIn will do much better than those that don’t “get” it.
Who is on LinkedIn?

ALL Federal agencies;
ALL major government contractors;
ALL the people you need to know!

Do you need to grow and better manage a network of clients, prospects, partners, media and others in your market?

Do you need to generate qualified leads, do some great marketing and get some PR for your company without breaking the bank?

Rather than spend thousands on lead generation, marketing and PR with minimal results, why not invest a little time learning how to use the biggest and most valuable business network in the universe – LinkedIn!

This workshop is for those who sell to the government AND those who sell to government contractors.

"Mark Amtower is a "mile wide and a mile deep" with his experience and expertise of "All Things LinkedIn" ...He has transformed from one of the first key LinkedIn adopters 10 years ago to one of the world's leading subject matter experts today in leveraging the capabilities and technologies of LinkedIn -- now the world's most important social media platform for businesses of all sizes and scopes … Mark's seminars on LinkedIn are entertaining, insightful and -- most important -- a key value differentiator for any business in any industry." Kevin P Young, Chief Strategy and Growth Officer, FiberTek

This workshop is updated before each session to stay current with the constant changes occurring on LinkedIn. Attend the LinkedIn for Government Contractors and you will learn how to

-       Design a LinkedIn strategy that fits your business goals

-       Create a powerful LinkedIn profile that attracts targeted prospects and encourages people to connect with you

-       Drive traffic to your company profile  

-       Find and connect with those who can help your business grow- prospects, partners, media and more

-       Select the groups that will pay major dividends for you

-       Find and develop content to share in those groups

-       Get more recommendations and endorsements

-       Get on the radar of decision-makers who buy what you sell

-       Develop and defend a “subject matter expert” platform

-       Create a company profile that attracts the right people

-       Start your own group

-       Stand out in your market niche

-       Q&A  and much more!

From the Association of Proposal Management Professionals National Capitol Chapter web site:

"His 2013 presentation before the APMP NCA Chapter, How Proposal and Capture Professionals Can Leverage LinkedIn, was our most popular event of the year."

Due to the constant changes on LinkedIn, the workbook and slides are updated before EVERY Session.

The Government Market Master Forum offers continuing professional education for for professionals in the government contracting (GovCon) market. We offer course for sales, marketing and business development professionals a C-levels and small to mid-size contractors.

Our LinkedIn training is the best in the government market and it is a game-changer for those who attend our public sessions and for those that choose to bring our training in-house.

Email or call to register or to get more information.  301 854 9493

Limited seating- You must register in advance.

May 6, 2015 8:30am-noon: LinkedIn for Government Contractors - Maryland Center for Entrepreneurship, 9250 Bendix Road, Columbia MD 21045

This workshop is updated 4/x a year to stay current with the changes occurring on LinkedIn. 

Call today to reserve your seat or register here: 

Who should attend? Everyone!

Beverages, snacks and a 100 page workbook are supplied.