Monday, February 9, 2009

Monday To-Do List and Social Networking CD Launch

Wed Feb 11 my friend Mac McIntosh, an expert in business sales lead generation, will be speaking at the Germantown Campus of Montgomery College with several other professionals. Info is at

I would go see Mac, except that I am speaking at the Coalition for Government Procurement Bootcamp that day. Details at

The American Small Business Coalition is having its quarterly members-only State of The ASBC this Friday. If you are an ASBC member, or wish to join, go to

Finally, my new audio program, two CDs entitled The Ultimate Jumpstart Program on Business Social Networking, will be posted later today in the member section at where it will be free for members to download during the month of February. For non-members, it will also be posted at the the store at Government Express - It will be available as a download and you can also order the CDs. The program is approximately 2 hours on why and how to use social networking tools for business. It includes step-by-step instruction for novices and pros alike to expand their reach and influence.

I listen to audio programs several times a week when driving and occasionally when I am in the office. I have over 150 audio programs covering many aspects of business, motivation, speaking, writing, and more and there is always one in my car.

Finally, my friends at Onvia have a new report, The 2009 Government Market Outlook, discussing where money will be spent in the government market. You can get the report free from their web site -

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