Friday, February 13, 2009

End-of Week Wrap, Free ebook and New CD Programs

Aside from having a cold this week and taking a few naps, the week was fairly productive.

Although I missed the ASBC ( Business Over Breakfast Wednesday, I did speak the the Coalition for Government Procurement ( MAS Bootcamp that afternoon to a group of 30 or so. And it was a really good event.

I did attend the ASBC quarterly State of the ASBC meeting Friday, and the ASBC Board of Advisors meeting after the general session. There was a great group of 65+ for the general members-only session.

And I made it into Washington Technology with Angela Dingle of . If you'd like to see the article, go here -

And on the home page of this blog, somewhere to the right of where you are now reading, I have a free ebook called Diving in the Deep End: The Top Things a CEO Needs to Know Before Entering the Government Market. This is a free ebook - you don't even have to give me your email address. Contributors to this ebook inlcude
Michael Balsam of
Judy Bradt of
Steve Charles of
Lisa Dezzutti of
Courtney Fairchild of
Michael Keating of
Bob Lohfeld of
Robert Silverman of
Guy Timberlake of
and I'd like to thank each of them.

Finally, we have finished producing our two latest audio programs and we will have those available to ship next week. The first, The Ulitmate Jumpstart Program for Getting PR is a 5 CD set with me being interviewed by Guy Timberlake for the first 4 CDs, and by Glenn Garnes of on the final CD. Why interview me on this? Over the past 14 years I have appeared in about 200 publications and over 150 web sites and ezines. I have also been interviewed on over 50 radio stations (including web radio) web around the country, and in Canada and the U.K. I know how to generate publicity and show you exactly how I do it.

The second program is a 2 CD set called The Ultimate Jumpstart Program for Social Networking, where Glenn Garnes again interviews me on my use of LinkedIn. Cjheck out my profile on LinkedIn and see what I am up to in social networking.

If you can't wait until next week to place an order, email me at markamtower gmail com.

Have a great weekend, wherever you are! Vaya con dios!

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