Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Why People Are Leery of Events, part 2

Got another e-invite to this event. Since my Feb 3 post on Equity International's briefing for The American Recovery & Reinvestment the registration fee has dropped from $495 to $250, there are still no topics or speakers listed in the agenda, and the venue has changed from the Willard Hotel to the Occidental Grille.

Might one assume registration is off for the event promising "the latest information from key leaders on the bill and the resulting spending. Features Congressional and Administration leaders; top experts; key briefing materials; and unparalleled networking."?

Will my e-invite Friday (the event is next Monday) be for $1.95 and the new venue be the back table at a local Starbucks? Isn't there always unparalled networking at Starbucks?

Leery indeed.

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