Thursday, February 19, 2009

Facebook: Media footnote and Mark's Random Connections

I know I was late getting the news about Facebook and the privacy issue. I also know I have made a few very minor waves about my pending FB departure. I was thinking about reducing the number of social networks I was in anyway, and this event expedite the decision process and highlighted which one I would vacate. I don't see FB making the B2B cut in the long run. I really don't want people "writing on my wall," or getting "poked." The site was built for the college crowd, not professionals, and the retrofit doesn't make the cut - at least for me.

That being said, earlier today I got my March Fortune magazine in the mail, and lo and behold, who is on the cover but FaceBookBoy - with nary a mention on the privacy snafu. The publication was probably at the printer when the privacy stuff hit the fan, so I certainly understand. And I assume when I go to the Fortune web site they will be all over this.

But I mention that because Sean Callahan of BtoB magazine (a great magazine with solid enewsletters), in today's BtoB Media enewsletter, wrote about BPA (Bureau of Publication Audit) losing about 15% of their customers due to publications folding and others cutting costs. Sean also writes:


Publications - like Fortune (one of my personal favorites - always a great read) - are getting dissed because the headlines often do not reflect what has gone on the past week or so when they hit the newsstands and mailboxes (the mailboxes on the street). This leads some, especially younger professionals, to seek other information sources. Which in turn leads to the BPA CEO lamenting that he needs to get his resume together....

no this is not going anywhere in particular. Just some random connections.

And btw: the Facebook article in Fortune by Jessi Hempel is great!

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