Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Looking for 12-15 small companies in Maryland, DC NoVa ready to become thought leaders!

Who would you rather read about in (fill in in with your favorite business publication)?

Some company you’ve never heard of?
Your top competitor?
Your company?

When it comes to visibility, there is no “level playing field”. You need to create your own advantage wherever and whenever you can. That is especially true when it comes to getting noticed in ways that pay dividends:

- being known by a prospect before your first meeting;

- getting interviewed in a trade publication, on TV or on the radio;

- leveraging social networks to get noticed by decision makers in your market;

- writing your own blog or writing a “guest column” on someone else’s blog;

or getting a key speaking engagement.

If you are tired of seeing your competitors’ quotes in trade magazines, or their CEO speaking from the podium at a big conference, keep reading.

This is Your Invitation to the 2014

Amtower GovCon Thought Leadership Program

Small business owners in the government contracting arena have to wear many hats and fulfill many roles. Among the most important of those roles is to get your company noticed by the right people in the market, to stand out as a subject matter expert or thought leader in your niche and capture more business.

In order to get on and stay on the radar of

government contractors, potential partners, customers,

press and investors

you need to stand out in a very crowded field.

Standing out in any market is difficult, and probably more so in the hyper-competitive government contracting market. Regardless of whether you are selling to the government or to selling to contractors, there is no un-crowded niche.

So how do you stand out in a way that resonates with the audience you want to reach and influence?

Isn't it time to invest in the future of your company?

Want more info? Send me an email for details on this six-month program --


Make 2014 YOUR year to stand out!

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