Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Linkedin SitRep: Group Grope (The Waldo Factor, part 24)

So what is the Situation Report on LinkedIn? What new changes have come down the pike to confuse and abuse members?

When they changed the look and feel of the groups, they sent out this infographic as part of the announcement. While it didn't explain why the changes were made, or how they might help you (as opposed to confuse you), it did offer some data.

Actually, some useful data, as well as some misleading data. While over 2 millions groups have been started, not all of them are still there. Currently there are about 1.8 million active groups.
The average number of groups is also a little misleading. Many people belong to no groups, which brings the average down. Others, like me, belong to 50.
Posting in groups makes you more visible- this should be no surprise.
8,000 groups are added weekly. This is a healthy number, but would be in better context if they mentioned how many people joined every week.
200 conversations per minute is also a neat stat until you figure that with 230 million members, it is not a high percentage on a daily basis. But is certainly explains why those posting are more viewed than those who don't - the % is not that high.
While the sudden changes are annoying, and seem to occur with no member input, LinkedIn remains vital for business professionals.
Hang tough. LinkedIn is still a great investment of your time.
And remember, if you need some help navigating LinkedIn  and making it pay higher dividends, help is only a click away!

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