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Wednesday, December 3, 2014- B2G Content Boot Camp

"Content" is a major buzzword these days, yet some do not distinguish between real content and sales material.

Whether you sell to the government, or to government contractors, good content, delivered to the right audience on a regular basis, helps you build a brand for your company and become top of mind. Being top of mind develops more qualified leads.

Small and medium size companies are struggling to stand out in the government market, to differentiate themselves from the competition.

Good content- content that delivers valuable information to potential customers, that is developed for and delivered to targeted audiences, can help you stand out to those you need to influence. 

Developing and sharing content does not have to bust your budget!

Content created properly and delivered through the right venues can

-          Help you persuade buyers and influencers
-          Make your company an information source for a particular product/service offering (yes, even products)
-          Develop the “top of mind” status that attracts both buyers and potential partners
-          Make your company a preferred source
-          And much more!

Content can take many forms, among them

-          Webinars and live events
-          Podcasts
-          Web radio
-          Media appearances
-          Video
-          Blogs
-          White papers
-          Ebooks
-          E-zines
-          Custom publications
-          And more.

You don’t need all of these, but you need to develop a platform that regularly delivers content to a defined audience if you wish to stand out and grow your business. 

And you don't need a big budget to develop a good content program.

The B2G Content Boot Camp will address these issues and more, including how to choose the format(s) best suited for you, how to create good content, then find the right venues to share it. The Boot Camp will include real-world examples and step-by-step processes to get started.

The B2G Content Boot Camp will feature expert advice on white papers, blogging, webinars, podcasts and more- each there to walk you through each step of content selection, creation and deployment. We will discuss developing content, finding other content to share, leveraging the content of partners and content delivery. Real-world examples and hands-on exercises throughout.

Among our experts:

-          Tom Temin, an industry icon, the Morning Drive co-host on Federal News Radio and formerGovernment Computer News editor. Tom is a white paper expert and ghost writer.
-          Mark Amtower, government marketing expert, author and blogger, radio host, columnist and LinkedIn guru.
-          Elizabeth Harr, "Visible Expert" and professional services marketing guru, Partner at Hinge Marketing.

We will accept only 30 attenders for the inaugural B2G Content Boot Camp.

VP Sales, VP Marketing, VP Communications, VP BD

This will be an all-day session at the Maryland Center for Entrepreneurship, 9250 Bendix Road, Columbia MD 21045

Early Bird pricing is $595 for the day until Friday, November 21. then the price goes up to $695 – so reserve your seat today. Seats are selling now and we can only accept the first 30.

Registration fee includes a 100+ page workbook, beverages, snacks and pizza for a working lunch.

Contact me now to reserve your seat. or 301 854 9493

Details:  B2G Content Boot Camp,  

8:00am-4:30pm, Wednesday, December 3, 2014

at The Maryland Center for Entrepreneurship, 9250 Bendix Road, Columbia MD 21045 (in the Latimer Room) 

Speakers: Mark Amtower, Elizabeth Harr, Tom Temin

We will cover

1) The case for content marketing

a. What content marketing Is Not

b. Content marketing Is

- educational

- cost efficient

- search engine friendly

c. Growth and profitability 

d. Why is content necessary for B2G? 

- visibility

- credibility

- winning business

e. How and when should content be used for B2G?

- primes and subs

- agency personnel

2) Strategy

a. Overview

b. Differentiation

c. Positioning

d. Key Messages

e. Goals

f. Research

- Link to sales goals

- audience interests, pain points

- FedBizOpps

g. Content strategy – themes and topics 

h. Content strategy – resources needed 

i. Content strategy – channels and frequency 

j. Content strategy - distribution considerations

k. Social listening – monitor for trending topics germane to what you do

- Respond to emerging or breaking news

3) Creating content

a. Content audit - What can be repurposed?

b. Content platforms

i. Deeper dive with examples (content calendar)

ii. Flow content (blogs, articles, short videos)

iii. Premium content (registration required for webinars, e-books)

c. Monitoring the competition’s content

d. the role of graphics/visuals 

4) Promoting content

a. Staff engagement

b. Social media

c. Guest blogging

d. Traditional PR and getting media coverage

5) Nurture and convert 

a. Offer strategy for other content

b. email marketing

6) Metrics

a. Timeline

b. Google Analytics

c. Shares and downloads

d. Leads and contracts

7) Finding outside help 

a. How do you find and select outside services

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