Saturday, September 25, 2010

Word on the street- INPUT has been sold

There has been lots of speculation the last few months about Input actively seeking a buyer, but the current word on the street is that they have been sold.

Further, the unverified word is the buyer in Bloomberg/BGov. I have heard this from mulltiple sources near both parties, but nothing fom inside either.

If that is accurate, there will be a significant shift in the contract information landscape over the next several months.

Stay tuned!


  1. Mark - Why do you think Bloomberg/BGov will significantly change the product, which is one of the better intelligent products? Or will deeper pockets allow more investment capabilities?

  2. You speculated this after the Eagle Eye Publishing acquisition. What impact do you think this new market share will have on the industry?

  3. Jaime & "b"-

    Any time a company with the resources of a Bloomberg enters the market, the landscape necessarily changes. I have not seen a purchase of this type yet that did not bring about significant changes in the product and personnel.

    It is not clear what Bloomberg/BGov will be doing yet, but regardless of what the changes will be, Bloomberg carries a big bat (advertising budget) and its presence will be felt.

    Bloomberg will have a big impact with or without Input in the portfolio, but bigger if this rumor is true.