Tuesday, September 28, 2010

INPUT sale(?)- day 4, take 3

So, here's what I've heard since Saturday:

- that Deltek was a potential buyer;

- that 3 companies were in the final bidding and there might be a deal to slice INPUT into pieces among the 3 (very strange, but I guess it's possible);

- that it could be Fed Sources (sorry, but where would they get the money?):

- that it is a private equity firm (makes the most sense);

- that a very senior person has left (only one source on this one);

- several people jumped in to tell me that INPUT has been "on the block" for several years (only partly accurate);

- that the likelihood of it being BGov is low (this from several reliable sources).

Please keep in mind that I am not getting anything from inside INPUT and I am not aware that I know anyone inside BGov. Even though I am connected to over 2,500 people in the government market on LinkedIn, I have no Bloomberg/BGov contacts.

SO, my post Saturday was probably off the mark in who the buyer was- if there was a sale.

I predicated my assumption/guess on several things I heard last week, most of which I cannot mention here. Suffice it to say, there was something going down Thursday and Friday that involved INPUT. Whether or not it resulted in a sale, well, we'll all find out about the same time. Maybe here.

Which leads me to conclude that I may be wrong about BGov/Bloomberg (expert witnesses are against me here), and that the final deal may still be in the works.

If that's the case, I was wrong on both fronts (buyer and sale) - but boy, it was fun thinking something had occurred!

But stay tuned- I will be watching INPUT, FSI and Bloomberg closely.... and news is coming very soon...

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