Friday, February 5, 2010

FY 2009 GSA Schedule 70 Sales - Top 100 Rule

For several years my friend Richard Mackey of CapitalReps ( has provided the "top 100 Schedule 70" vendors list to me, and a few years back we started to see what the marketshare was for the Top 10, 25, 50 and 100.

The following info (in italics) is from an email Richard just sent me:

The decline in awardees is likely to GSA routinely termination contracts that have not sold $25k in the first two years or less than $100k after five-years.

In the last year, GSA has recognized the challenges to new GSA awardees and implemented the following:

1. Sales in first two-years after aware are expected to be $25k vs. $50k.
2. Requirement for each new awardee to complete GSA Pathway to Success Training
3. Must have had two years of sales for the proposed products/services to the commercial or government sector (no start-ups).
4. Requires offerors to discuss how they plan to market their schedule, upon award in their submission package

Schedule 70 IT FY 2009 Schedule 70 IT

Top 25 Market Share 41.50%
Top 50 Market Share 54.20%
Top 100 Market Share 65.16%
Total Sales $15,713,948,624
Total Schedule 70 Awardees 5,333
Firms with Zero Sales 1,962 (36.78%)

As you can see, the top 100 took 65% of the $15.7 billion that passed through Schedule 70 in FY 2009, leaving 3,271 companies to split the remaining 35% (I removed the 1,962 companies that made $0). These percentages are very close to the FY 2008 results.

Apparently the top 100 do some things that others don't. My next article at will be addressing some of the things the Top 100 do that others should emulate.

Stay tuned!

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  1. As someone who consults with IT companies considering going after their Schedule 70, I truly appreciate your effort here and I look forward to seeing your analysis on what the top 100 companies are doing!