Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bloomberg buys Eagle Eye, take 2

So the news is official- Bloomberg is entering the government market by purchasing government contract & grant data publisher Eagle Eye Publishing.

Now the speculation is...... will they directly target Input and Federal Sources, or will they go after a different slice of the market? Where will marketshare occur?

Will they be able to differentiate themselves in a way that will appeal to whoever their audience is? Where will the value-add be?

Do they have someone or will they find someone of the caliber of Kevin Plexico or Ray Bjorklund to make the data (a truly vast trove at Eagle Eye) useful and usable?

I have heard from more than one source that Bloomberg has aggressive sales goals. But what are they selling and who is buying?

Those of us who have studied the market for more than a few years have all seen many companies come in with unrealistic expectations predicated on tea leaves and wishful thinking, the absolute knowledge that your brand will make the phone ring, and other equally unreliable forecasting tools.

This market is driven by relationships, and the relationships are backed by being able to deliver.

Watching what happens with Bloomberg over the next several months will be interesting.

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