Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bloomberg Enters B2G Market

I heard rumblings late last year that financial news giant Bloomberg was looking for a play in the B2G market.

Today I heard that Bloomberg bought government contract and grant research firm Eagle Eye Publishers. While the details are blurry, here is what I hear:

1) Bloomberg bought the data, and left founder & owner Paul Murphy with the name;
2) Mr Murphy will stay as a consultant for 6 months;
3) Bloomberg may not be done buying stuff;
4) Bloomberg has very aggressive sales goals.

What this means to the B2G world:

1) Onvia, Federal Sources, Input, Carroll Publishing and others now have another competitor - well actually the same number, as Eagle Eye is gone. But Bloomberg will be better financed and more aggressive.

2) Contractors will be getting sales calls from a new player that will be merciless in its pursuit of marketshare.

3) Maybe Washington Technology and WFED will have a new advertiser!

What value does Bloomberg bring to the market? That remains to be determined, but suffice it to say they have the resources to be a real player. If they can jettison any attitude that might accompany their entrance ("We're Bloomberg and you're not" a la Chevy Chase on Saturday Night Live from the old days), they should do well.

If they come in with the attitude, many of us will be available to point it out.

Regardless, this will be fun to watch unfold.


  1. another indicator that the govt. mkt. is where to be in 2010.
    michael keating
    Government Product News

  2. Once again, Mr Keating, you are absolutely correct!

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