Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Beware of the B2G Institute

I have had several calls lately asking me if I knew of the B2G Institute.

I do not.

Then I got this google alert aiming me at an article highlighting the same B2G Institute as a company to avoid.


Make your own decision - but read the article!


  1. Here is another blog post about B2G Institute

  2. We are doing an undercover investigation and will post our findings after we have completed the course.

  3. Hi,
    Just want to add my 2 cents. I will just caution anyone reading this to stay away from the B2G institute by the scam artist Fred Steinberg. He may masquerade with another face on. All such people do is milk money from you. I never thought I will be scammed in such a fasion but I got milked off $3500. I makde the unfortunate mistake of attending their "free' workshop and then got persuaded to sign up for their traing class. I realized my mistake and cancelled my enrollment even prior to the training and as per their refund policy was supposed to get my refund. I am still waiting, even after their customer service scammers told me that it is being processed.

    Please do yourself a favor and do not attend any of their scam-shops and not fall for Fred Steinber's life story, which he would try to use to gain sympathy from you so you would give him your money.

    If anybody reading this can help me in anyway, please reachout to me at mgupta22@gmail.com

  4. Let me tell you me and some collegaues were placed in charge of doing all Federal and Govt. work for our employer, we had no idea what we were doing so our boss sent us an email he had recieved about a FREE workshop, needless to say we signed up...... Let me tell you this guy might be one of the best scammers/presauders that I have ever seen. All 3 of us thought that this was gonig to be the second coming of Christ after we finished the free workshop, needless to say while we were at the paid seminar I decided to google this guy Fred Steinberg and that is when the cat was let out of the bag...... DO NOT get sucked in, good thing the company paid for this because for all 3 of us it was about 10k...

  5. I read an ad for this 'free' seminar. I attended and then signed up for the 3 days and spent some very hard earned $3,500. In this economy and self-employed - it meant a lot. Not looking for something free or easy but directions and help. I went through the course and when I decided not to pay an additional $15,000 for consulting, I was no longer of interest. My phone calls no longer were answered or returned. I turned in my first government job all on my own and ended up being one of the finalists. I called for direction and help and never heard back from anyone. I then just read that they filed Chapter 11. No wonder.

    Save your money - don't go to them. Go to the government websites and they will walk you through the process.