Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Content Guy as Keynoter - part 2

Yesterday I delivered the keynote at the 10th annual SEWP conference in Austin, Texas. For those of you who do not know the government market, SEWP is a government-wide contract (GWAC in our parlance) for high-end information technology products.

First - I had a great time. I learned that SEWP is not simply a contract and that the conference is not simply an event, but that SEWP is a community comprised of the SEWP staff, agencies buyers, and the contractors. These people know one and respect one another and truly enjoy themselves when they get together.

Second- We have all been to events where have either been or seen the "fringe" people - those who are too new to an event to feel a part of it and who will go to their rooms for meals. This event did everything possible to be inclusive, with the SEWP staff acting as ambassadors, seeking out all the attendees.

Third, looking at the agenda and talking to the attendees, I know that Joanne Woytek, Marcus Fedeli and the rest of the SEWP staff put together a great program, chock full of stuff people could use as soon as they got to the office.

Finally - the content guy as keynoter. As soon as I hit the stage I felt at home. I knew some of the attendees from before, met several others at dinner the night I arrived, and I just felt good. It is not for me to say how I did, so I will ask some of the folks who attended to comment - but I had about 20 people come up to me after the speech to say how much they enjoyed it. As I was only there for about 20 minutes after I was done spoeaking, I think that I must have been OK.

All things considered, I am honored to have been a small part of the event.


  1. Mark Amtower's talk at the SEWP conference in Austin was refreshing point of view. He confirms all of the things that I have already believed about the working world of business. His simple rules for success to your life are right on and easy to follow.

    I highly recommend that everyone take time out of their day and read his book "Why Epiphanies never occur to Couch Potatoes". It is a quick read with a long lasting message.

    Theresa Kinney
    Financial Consultant

  2. What a kick-off to this conference! Mark did an excellent job presenting his tips & tactics in today's business world.

    A big thanks to Mark!

  3. Mark gave a great talk on Web 2.0, eluded to 3.0 and provided insight into the topic that tied together the needs of both government and industry attendees. Mark - I enjoyed your knowledge, candor and message. Well done - and thank you.