Friday, March 20, 2020

Social Selling and the New Normal- Bridging the Gap During the Pandemic

The Coronavirus pandemic is unlike anything I’ve seen in my 36 years in government contracting. It is wreaking havoc across all aspects of society and it could bring about an economic recession.

It has also totally changed how those of us in government contracting are doing, or trying to do, our business. As we head into Federal Q3, then the end of FY, those in GovCon will be relying more than ever on the phone and web 2.0 tools (email, LinkedIn, Zoom, Skype, FB, etc).  

With the elimination of physical networking venues until this pandemic comes to an end, we need to develop ways to stay in touch with our co-workers, customers, partners and prospects.

LinkedIn will become even more indispensable if this pandemic stretches out into busy season or beyond. With 2.1 million feds on LinkedIn, and virtually the entire contracting community, contractors will need to become more proficient with their online activity: how they present themselves, share information, reach out to introduce themselves and connect, stay in touch with those they are connected to, and much more. Missteps are costly.

If you are interested in how LinkedIn can help bridge this gap, we should talk.

Currently I offer three LinkedIn training programs for companies (see below). As a result of the current situation, I have prepared a one-hour webinar on Social Selling via LinkedIn. This webinar is designed to provide real tactics that you can use during the pandemic. It will show companies what social selling is and how it works in GovCon, but will also include practical tips for individual profiles, company profiles, connecting and social selling – staying on the radar of those you need to influence today, tomorrow and when we are past this disaster.

GovCon Social Selling Fundamentals:  Turning “Social Distancing” into Social Proximity

A One Hour Session on Leveraging LinkedIn During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The pandemic has brought many traditional marketing and networking venues in GovCon to a screeching halt. All face-to-face forums have been at best postponed. During this time, staying in touch with your clients, prospects, partners, co-workers and others is still a main concern for contractors.

Social selling, leveraging LinkedIn and other platforms to stay in touch with your key audience(s) is perhaps the most effective and direct way to maintain your relationships. LinkedIn can help you bridge the gap between “social distancing” and staying close to your customers, employees and partners.

This session is designed to give your company the basics of social selling and the building blocks for using it during the pandemic and beyond. It will include

-         LinkedIn profile tips that are fundamental for social selling success
-         Staying in touch with and broadening your reach into key accounts
-         Tips and tactics for reaching out to influencers
-         What content to share and where to put it
-         Leveraging content from other sources
-         9 proven tactics for social selling success, including “reaction triggers” that start conversations and using LinkedIn to drive traffic to other online interactive venues
-        and much more.

These are lessons I have learned from actively using LinkedIn over 16 years and from working with government contractors to create and deploy social programs. This is not a deep dive into social selling but it will give you and your company enough tips and tactics to stay in touch with your network and begin to expand account penetration.
This is offered as a webinar on your webinar platform so you can record it for re-use. 

The investment is $995, prepaid, and we can deliver (schedule permitting) within two business days. This is not a public webinar- it is designed to be presented to one company at a time.

To learn more about this or to book your session, call 301 854 9493, email or reserve time on my calendar -

Best wishes and stay safe- 

Mark Amtower 

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