Wednesday, October 17, 2018

SEWP tops $5 billion in FY18; Rob Coen moves to OASIS

I attended the 25th anniversary for the SEWP program last week at their offices in Greenbelt.

The weather not great, but it did not stop most from attending. I drove 2 hours from Tysons, where I was speaking at the APMP NCA annual conference. Rush hour plus rain, I knew it was going to take a while. I just wanted to arrive before the party was over.

SEWP was the first GWAC awarded back in 1993 and is the longest running GWAC. SEWP V is the fifth iteration of the program, and is considered by many to be the best managed contract in the federal market.

I made it to the party with an hour to spare, including the cake cutting.
I was able to spend a little time with SEWP program manager Joanne Woytek and deputy program manager Darlene Coen.

During my conversation with Joanne it came out that SEWP V produced $5.3 billion in booked business in FY 2018. They had close to 32,000 new orders processed with committed funds of $4.21B and approximately 8,000 mods to existing orders processed with newly committed funds of $1.14B. So total new spend through SEWP in FY18 is $5.35 Billion, a 20% increase over FY17.

Many have predicted the growing use of GWACs and selected IDIQs was palpable, and SEWPs performance is a great example of that.

Congratulations to the SEWP staff for a great year!

*** PS: I say above that SEWP is widely considered to be the best run contract in the government. I am among those who think so. Note however that Rob Coen, former PM of the NITAAC GWACs (CIO-SP3, CIO-SP3 Small Biz, and CIO-CS, was just named to run the OASIS program. At NITAAC Rob took the program from pocket change (roughly $300 million) to almost $5 billion during his tenure. I expect no less from him at OASIS.

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