Tuesday, July 24, 2018

What were they thinking?!?!?!

Let me start by picking a 16 year old scab. In 2002, PwC tried (briefly) to rename itself Monday.

This is not, repeat NOT, a joke.

The response was swift, merciless and came from all fronts: the business media, Wall Street, comedians, shareholders, employees and industry.

One of my favorite responses was this:

“The day of the week formerly known as Monday would like to announce its name change to distance itself from PWC Consulting. Forthwith it will be known as Tuesday Eve.”

They reverted to PwC before the following Monday... but it begs the question: What were they thinking?

Now comes the news that PwCs spinoff is named Guidehouse. (This actually happened in May, so I am a little behind.)

Wait- what? You mean Lighthouse?

No Guidehouse.

Maybe Brickhouse?

No Guidehouse.

Not outhouse?

No Guidehouse.

Safe House?

No Guidehouse.

Dog house?

No Guidehouse.

Doll house?

No Guidehouse.

OK, so what's a guidehouse?

I crack open my OED and look:

Guidebook- check.

Guided Imagery- check (ooo- I like that one).

Guidepost- check (I like that one, too).

Guide rope- check.

Guideway - check.

Guidehouse? Nothing.

In PwCs defense, it does not own Guidehouse. Veritas Capital owns Guidehouse. The new website explains the name as "leading the way forward" and "looking into tomorrow through an innovative lens that challenges the now."

OK, a sherpa with a crystal ball. I'm beginning to see it.

The Washington Technology article quotes the CEO of Guidehouse as saying the name is a "metaphor for Guidehouse staffers being a trusted partner to help agencies navigate their changing landscapes regarding budget, technology and strategy."

A metaphor? Guidehouse means all that? Really?

But what's in a name? Perhaps another name that launched a thousand jokes...

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