Saturday, July 7, 2018

Small Contractor Alert: Networking and Education July 26 at the AFCEA Small Business Innovation Summit

The upcoming July 26 AFCEA Small Business Innovation Summit follows on the heels of the AFCEA Innovation Shark Tank, where small contractors competed for the right to present at the Innovation Summit. The three winners from these events are on the agenda of the Summit.

The Small Business Innovation Summit will address cutting edge technologies where small contractors can play a big role: AI, Zero Trust Networks, Agile DevOps, Blockchain, the Space Revolution, and 5G. The presenters on these panels are among the most experienced techies from industry and government.

There will also be panels on OTAs (contracts for Research and Development) and a panel for communicating your company’s unique value. The communication panel is moderated by my friend, the wise and wonderful Sarah Djamshidi, a true veteran of the small business IT trenches. I have been invited to participate on this panel.

This Small Business Innovation Summit can help a small business identify growth areas and map out a go-to-market strategy. It affords you the opportunity to network with peers and to meet market influencers.

I look forward to each speaking engagement and try to prepare my remarks based on the expected audience.

There are many issues facing small businesses in this market and any time I get to help companies make small (or large) strategy adjustments, I feel like I am doing my part.

AFCEA conferences are my favorites, especially those focused on small business. They always have an engaged audience, eager to brain-pick, network and absorb info from some great presenters.

I will also be attending the Market Connections Federal Contractor Study overview on July 17; speaking at the Government Blockchain Association event July 19; and on August 28 I will be speaking at 930Gov, the best end-of-FY conference now in year 6!

Each of these events affords opportunities for any contractor, especially for small contractors.

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