Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The perpetual CR, the end of FY 2011, and YOUR pipeline.

The perpetual continuing resolution has had a huge impact on the government contracting community. Operating under a continuing resolution not only handcuffs federal buyers from starting new projects, it also makes them work and think much harder about deciding where to most effectively spend the funds they have.

This issue impacts all contractors, small, medium and large, set-aside and prime contractors alike.

How are you going to make certain your pipeline gets some of those remaing FY 2011 funds? How are you going to influence those controlling those funds?

Will you focus on making certain you maximize the value of current accounts? Or will you be targeting accounts you have been working, but have yet to penetrate? Do you have sufficient contacts at each account to make certain you reach all the decison-makers?

Are you targeting the SmartPay micro-purchase buyers? And if so, how are you differentiating your offer?

If you need a few ideas on what can work for your organization,  post a comment here or drop me a line at markamtower gmail dot com.

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