Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Deltek buys Wash Mgmt Group/Fed Sources- Take 2

The news of Deltek purchasing Washington Management Group and Federal Sources created quite a stir in the contracting community. Here are my thoughts on my previous post, which was only posting the Deltek press release.

Deltek, under Kevin Parker (who joined Deltek in 2005) there have been several acquisitions, including Input and GovWin (formerly MySBX). Mr Parker discussed these and other issues on my radio show last October - http://www.federalnewsradio.com/?sid=2075743&nid=58&_hw=Kevin+parker .
During that interview, Mr Parker stated that Deltek's push into offering more services to the contractor community was far from over.

I still don't think Deltek is done, but I would be hard pressed to figure out what would be next. No insider info here.

What this means to the contracting community is that Deltek/Input/FedSources offer a comprehensive suite of paid information and consulting services. Add in GovWin for the small contractors and you has an impressive array free and paid services.

For those companies that used to use both services, you will pay less. For the companies that used to try to negotiate a better price by playing Fed Sources off Input, well, that is probably over.

Are there other sources available for the contracting community? Yes, but they are mostly smaller providers, with the exception of Bloomberg Government, BGov.

I am still not certain BGov is a direct competitor to Deltek. If they are, with the acquisition of Federal Sources by Deltek, BGov will find it more difficult to compete directly with Deltek.

This is a relationship driven market and between Deltek, Input, WMG and Fed Sources, most of the major contracting community is well covered. Factor in the Colaition for government Procurement and you have the GSA  Schedules covered too.

It will be interesting to watch the ripple effects from this.


  1. Excellent post Mark! I will be spreading this around socially as well as to the GovWin crew.

  2. Mark
    Not sure what you mean by " Factor in the Colaition (sic) for government (sic) Procurement and you have the GSA Schedules covered too." Important to remember that CGP is a 501(c)6 non-profit governed by a BofD and cannot be acquired by Deltek.

  3. Jcissel- part of it means I don't type well! You are right about the Colaition (CGP) - a non-profit cannot be piurchased by a for-profit. Technically CGP was not "owned" by WMG or FSI, either, but there wass a relationship that existed and we assume that informal relationship will continue to exist. No insider info here, just a feeling.