Saturday, March 27, 2010

What's in a name?

A name, in this or any market, can be a significant web traffic driver if used properly. The name of your web site, blog and micro-site(s) are critical for lead generation on the web.

In my monthly column at in Dec, 2009 I addressed the concept of "intellectual real estate"- defining your position within the market. The article is here:

Defining and defending your market position is how you differentiate yourself in this or any market. It is, or should be, your competitive advantage, and it must be actively defended.

In my most recent WT column-
I discuss two tactics you can use to define and defend your niche: blogging and micro-sites. A micro-site is a mini-web site, usually just a landing page, which allows you to discuss one subject and then direct visitors to register for an event, get more product or service information from your home page, to take some action.

Both blogs and micro-sites allow you to
1) define a position
2) show thought leadership for that position
3) drive qualified traffic to your main site
4) help you start to "own" that niche in the market as the blog and/or micro-site becomes more pervasive.

Blogs are more robust and require more regular content, but micro-sites also need to be updated with new products, services, white papers, etc.

Micro-sites require separate urls. Because your company already has a web site, and a url that reflects the company name (but probably not the niche you are defining), I strongly suggest you buy the url for the micro-site that targets the niche specifically. While most .com and .net names have been snatched up over the years, the aftermarket for urls is booming now that .com's are truly running out.

Recent searches at and (think of these as the eBay for urls) show hundreds of names available starting with "Government", "Federal", "Gov" and "Fed." Think, GovNetworkSecurity,, and on and on.

Think also of the hot topics in our market: telework (after the big storm last month this is really hot), network security, cybersecurity, training, safety, facilities, government managers and executives, the stimulus program and more.

Do your products and services target these audiences? And if so, are you maximizing your web presence to drive as much traffic as possible to your main web site where you can convert the leads to customers?

Carefully consider using micro-sites and blogs to enhance your web marketing program.

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