Thursday, January 28, 2010

LinkedIn Tip 14: Q and A, part 1

The Question and Answer feature at LinkedIn can be found on the top navigation bar by scrolling your mouse over “More” and selecting “Answers”. There are 22 major categories (listed on the right side of the “Answer” page), with most having several sub-categories. There are about 148 total categories and sub-categories for the Q&A.

There are several reasons to monitor and participate here. First, when you find categories germane to what you do, simply reading the questions and answers can be rewarding. Some pretty bright people both ask and answer questions. Second, if you need some research or different perspectives on a specific question, this is a great place to get new perspectives. Third, I have identified several people I wanted to connect to simply because of their answers.

This is part of a series I post in my groups at Linkedin. If anyone is interested in the other tips - simply let me know here. From now on all the tips will be posted here and announced on LinkedIn.

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