Friday, January 15, 2010

2010 forecast for THE FEDERAL, STATE, and MUNICIPAL MARKET- free webinar

This will provide great info for companies either in the government market, or those seeking to enter the government market in 2010. Real information from two experts Michael Balsam of Onvia and me) - and it is free.

Here are the dollars:

$5.5 trillion a year.
$105 billion a week.
$15 billion a day.
$625 million an hour.
$10 million a minute.
$175,000 a second.

Spending by federal, state, and municipal governments now represents almost half of total U.S. GDP, and that percentage is expected to increase in the coming years.

Companies that ignore the government sector are significantly disadvantaged.

The Next Economy: 2010 Government Market Outlook Report and Webinar will give you the insight your business needs to capitalize on the enormous opportunity in the government marketplace.

Register to get industry insight on:

-Government investments in Infrastructure, Energy, and Information Technology - from regional health information networks and intelligent transportation systems to smart power grids
-Continued impact of Economic Recovery funding
-Subcontractor and supplier opportunities due to lower barriers of entry
-and much more

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