Sunday, January 7, 2018

Five reasons why LinkedIn should be one of your primary B2G marketing tools

LinkedIn has become become an integral part of the GovCon ecosystem, inserting itself seemlessly into our everyday activities.

While nearly everyone uses LinkedIn to some degree, only a small percentage use it effectively. 

It is now common practice for virtually everyone in our market to vet people by looking at their LinkedIn profiles, checking out shared connections and groups, and taking a quick look at their previous positions.

Still, that small percentage take it to a higher level.

Here are a few things you should know so you can take better advantage of what LinkedIn offers.

1) Your audience is here. 

There are over 2 million Feds on LinkedIn: 15%+ with IT titles; 40%+ with management, program or project management titles; and 5%+with senior management tiles.\

2) It's affordable- it fits ANY budget. There are many things you can do on LinkedIn that don't cost anything.

3) It is a great content and news sharing venue. 

You can blog (post) on LinkedIn, share articles from other sources, post them in your groups, send them directly to key influencers, and more.

4) You can develop SME platforms. 

If you or someone on your team is a legitimate SME, their profile can (and should) reflect this area of expertise in several ways.

5) It's easy to expand your reach with current accounts (ABM). If your business focuses on one or just a few agencies, you can develop an agency-focused marketing program using LinkedIn.

As the GovCon universe continues to evolve, especially in these turbulent times, it is important to use all of the available tools to position your company for stability and growth.

If you are interested in seeing how LinkedIn can help you and your company, drop me a line-

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