Monday, June 8, 2015

Government Market Master Continuing Professional Education for Marketing & BD

The government contracting market has experienced dramatic changes, arguably more over the past few years than the preceding few decades. LPTA, FSSI, and more GWACs are just the tip of the iceberg.
Competition for business via Schedules, GWACs, IDIQs and RFPs is more intense than ever before.
Add to that the radical and continuing changes in marketing to the government with the shrinking of some traditional venues (trade publications and big events) and the emergence of web 2.0 tools like webinars, blogs, videos, podcasts and LinkedIn.

How are you going to survive and thrive in this new environment?

The Government Market Master program is designed to do one thing very well: provide an ongoing educational forum for government contractors who want to succeed by providing key employees with the resources and industry best marketing practices they need. These include tools and tactics to cost-efficiently market and position the company, methods to expand their respective networks, connect to key decision makers in both client agencies and business partner companies, build subject matter expert platforms, and to fill the pipeline for their respective companies with the most qualified leads available.

Government Market Master Certification Program

Amtower & Company offered the first GovCon marketing seminar in January 1991. Late the evening prior to the event an ice storm hit the DC area. Of the 91 people registered, over 80 showed up. Our seminars started showing up on resumes as early as 1994. 

Mark Amtower is recognized across the government contracting community as a leading provider of B2G marketing advice and education.

We are formalizing our educational offering into the first certification program for B2G marketing professionals under the Government Market Master Continuing Professional Education program.  The Government Market Master program will offer workshops on the current best practices for what is working in B2G marketing. 

We offer seminars and workshops every month on topics pertinent to business development and marketing professionals, topics directly impacting the government contracting community. Our faculty and advisors are among the best the market has to offer. GMMF certificates will be awarded for each session attended and a Government Market Master Certification is awarded to those completing the seven workshops.

The certification will require attendance and participation in six 4-hour workshops:

August 12 Differentiation and Developing a Subject Matter Expert Platform Workshop 

September 9 PR/Media Relations & Communicating Your Message via Social Media

 October 14 Government Marketing Best Practices Workshop (GMBP)

November 11 B2G Market Research 101

December 9 B2G Content Marketing Workshop

Jan 2016  LinkedIn for GovCon

Each session will be offered at least three times each year, starting in July, 2015. The certification requirements must be met within 18 months of your first session. To maintain the certification, attendance is required at GMBP once each year thereafter. 

Those who have attended LinkedIn for GovCon or GMBP in 2015 will have these sessions grand-fathered into their requirements.

We believe that ongoing professional education will enhance the ability of our attendees to define and maintain a competitive edge by getting a broader picture of what is working across the B2G market and applying what they learn to their specific companies. Educated employees are more productive, better motivated and are more likely to stay with their current employer.

Our goal is to become the preferred continuing professional education source for professionals engaged in marketing to the government.

Workshop schedules will be posted at and at the Government Market Master group on LinkedIn..

All workshops are held at the Maryland Center for Entrepreneurship, 9250 Bendix Rd, Columbia MD 21045.

Workshops are also available as in-house training on a limited basis. We are currently researching options for online training.

Contact me with any questions:    

Mark Amtower     301-854-9493

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