Saturday, January 26, 2013

Government Market Master Q1 Courses

In the best of times you need to stay current on what works in B2G sales, marketing business development, social media and management.

These are not the best of times.

Since my first public seminar in January 1991, thousands of people have attended my sessions or seen me speak at other others. Over that same period I saw many people who were experts in various niches in our market.

Now many of them will join me as "faculty" members of the Government Market Master (tm)continuing professional education program at Capitol College in Laurel, MD.

We will be announcing the full Q1 and Q2 curriculum by the end of January - get your GMM professional certificate by June!

All sessions will be held on campus at Capitol College.

The GOVERNMENT MARKET MASTER™ (GMM) CERTIFICATE PROGRAM provides comprehensive best practices, processes and methodologies for gaining invaluable insight on how to develop and sustain meaningful business relationships with the Federal Government. Delivered by top government, business and thought leaders, the Capitol College-GMM program is specifically designed by Business-to-Government (B2G) experts to benefit executives, managers and professionals who seek to successfully target, engage, win and sustain business with the Federal Government.

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Q1 Classes:

           Government Marketing Best Practices (GMM 100) Feb 21

            PR for Small Government Contractors (GMM 207)  Feb 27

            The Competitive Edge: Market Research for Small Contractors (GMM 205)  Feb 27

            B2G "Go to Market" Strategy, Planning and Execution (GMM 201)  March 15


            Simplified Acquisitions  (GMM 230)  Feb 28

            Selling IT Summit: Top Contracts & Sales methods ( GMM 231a) March 12

Summit on Selling Products to the Govt    (GMM 231)  March 13


           Business Development: Strategy, Planning and Execution (GMM 215) Feb 26

            LinkedIn for Government Contractors (GMM 208)  Feb 19

            B2G Social Media Summit: LinkedIn, Blogging, Webinars, etc (GMM 206) March 14



Small Business Set Aside Programs (GMM 224) March 20

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