Sunday, April 8, 2012

Some great Small Biz Tips on Amtower Off Center for 4/9/12

My radio show, Amtower Off Center, on Federal News Radio has some great guests and some really good and useful information for those in the government contracting community. The show airs Monday at noon and is usually re-run on Thursday at 11 AM. It is also simulcast, archived and available for replay at . Recent guests include

- Lisa Dezzutti of Market Connections (we discussed media habits of feds and contractors, traditional media and web-based media),

- Harold Good of Frederick County MD (we discussed how local governments make purchasing decisions and his role as president of the National Procurement Institute),

- Peg and Claudia Hosky of FedInsider and Hosky Media (we discussed, among other things, the upcoming FedSMC conference in Cambridge MD),

- Guy Timberlake of the American Small Business Coalition,

- Bert Sadtler of Boxwood Executive Search

and others.

My two guests for Monday, April 9 are Dan Mintz (COO of PowerTek Corporation, and Ed Swallow (VP of Business Development for Northrop Grumman Information Systems (

The conversation with these two was absolutely great but one thing that really stood out for me was Ed Swallow's four criteria for partnering with small businesses. They are, in this order:

1) having a killer app or skill needed for a specific program

2) a strong customer relationship where NG does not have one

3) geographic presence (being in a location near a customer where NG has no office and where it makes more sense to partner with a company that has that presence)

4) socio-economic status.

This was only a small part of the conversation. Tune in - this show is definitely worth your time!

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