Monday, February 7, 2011

Government Marketing Best Practices (the seminar) returns!

An all new Government Marketing Best Practices (GMBP) seminar is coming in March -

March 9 and March 22 (same seminar, two dates to choose from) at the George Mason Inn on campus at George Mason University.

Pick your date and register here (use AYGMM for a $50 early bird discount) ---

March 9:

March 22:

This is an all-new full day session and will cover-

- challenges facing both B2G marketing as it evolves and B2G marketing professionals;
- government marketing tactics that are working today (PR techniques, white papers, radio, social media/web 2.0, and more);
- how to get PR in print, on air and online;
- aligning marketing programs with sales goals;
- developing and using content as a marketing tool and lead generator;
- selecting and using the right web 2.0 tools for you: social networks, blogs, podcasts, video and more;
- online and offline networking- finding the best places to spend your time and talent;
- demonstrations and tools for market research and much more!

Both sessions will feature industry professionals including

Mark Amtower (co-Director, Government Market Master program),
Fred Diamond (Diamond Marketing),
Marc Hausman (Strategic Communications),
Tim Moran (GovSearch),
David Powell (Federal Buisness Council),
Nick Wakeman (Washington Technology),
Jeff White (Deltek/GovWin),
Jayna Kliner (Welz & Weisel Communications),
Francis Rose (Federal News Radio),
Michael Ponticelli (Bisnow FedTech),
Scott Friedlander (former CEO of GTSI),
Bob Gosselin (Virtual Computing Environment- VCE),
Kevin Young (co-Director, Government Market Master program),
Guy Timberlake (The American Small Business Coalition)
and more!

Why at George Mason? Government Marketing Best Practices is now part of the Government Market Master certificate program at the George Mason School of Management.

ALL participants receive a Certificate of Participation from the Government Market Master program and the School of Management at George Mason University.

We have brought the Government Market Master program to George Mason University's School of Management to bring a new level of professionalism to the training of B2G sales, marketing and business development professionals and to reduce doubt on the part of the purchasers (companies and individuals) of this training.

While there are many truly good sources for training in the government market, there are also some that simply are not. By partnering with George Mason, we are raising the bar and reducing the doubt many potential students face when selecting a source for their continuing education.

We anticipate government contractors, both large and small, will recognize the value of a current or potential employee who has a certificate- or multiple certificates, from an internationally recognized University like George Mason and a leader in the government marketing arena, like Amtower & Company and the Government Market Master program.

Join us for our inaugural seminars on March 9 and March 22.


7:30- 8:00 Continental breakfast & networking

8:00-8:15 Welcome & opening remarks

8:15-9:00 Panel- Challenges facing the B2G marketing: budget issues, evolving web 2.0 tools, social media policy and use, and more. (Mark Amtower, Bob Gosselin, Scott Friedlander)

9:00-9:45: B2G marketing tactics that are working today- PR, white papers, events, blogs, podcasts, video, webinars and more. (Mark Amtower)

9:45-10:00: break & demos

10:00-11:00: PR/Press panel - how to get more than your fair share of press (traditional & virtual) and air time. (Kevin Young, Nick Wakeman, Francis Rose, Michael Ponticelli)

11:00-11:45: Aligning sales & marketing. (Fred Diamond)

11:45-12:30: lunch & demos

12:30- 1:15: Content as a marketing tool. (Marc Hausman)

1:15-2:15: Web 2.0 panel- how to select & deploy the tools- blogs, social networks, webinars, podcasts & more. (Mark Amtower, Marc Hausman, Jayna Kliner)

2:15-2:30: break & demos

2:30-3:30: Networking panel- virtual and face-to-face. Where & how to build relationships that pay dividends. (David Powell, Jeff White, Guy Timberlake, Tim Moran)

3:30-4:30: Twenty-one tactical tips form the front lines, action items you can use today. (Amtower, Marc Hausman, Jayna Kliner, Guy Timberlake)

4:30-5:00: networking & demos, adjourn.

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