Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Promotional Give-Aways Blues

Promotional items (give-aways) for companies remain a great way to stay in front of customers, but there are caveats.

I prefer to give away things that could be used for a while, or have some relationship to what I do/sell.

The best business item I give away is a mousepad in the shape of a big green #1 with a quote from my first book: "The government is only sexy if you like money." Most people find this amusing...and they keep it.

This morning while getting ready to do the Washington Post crossword, I picked up a pen and clicked the top. Nothing happened. I clicked several times. The writing part of the pen would not come out.

I tried to unscrew it to see if that would help, but the pen would not unscrew.

I looked at the name on the pen.

It was from a promotional products company....

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