Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The 100 Day Test

Well, it's here. Not exactly sure what "it" means, but it's here.

100 days have passed since Senator Obama became President Obama, and the big media want to know - Time magazine wants to know....what's different? Did President Obama pass the test?

What test, you ask? The 100 day test, of course!

My answer?

There is no test. Nothing is different, yet. It's the government. I don't want it to change fast, it's too big for that. It is not designed for quick change. 100 days my Aunt Ruth's....

Further, when the Senator became the President, he inherited an economy that was rapidly going down the drain. There was absolutely nothing anyone could do in 100 days to turn around that mess. And unlike some other radio hosts, I am neither predicting nor hoping that his stimulus plan fails. I pray that it works for the sake of all those who are out of work, and those who fear they may be out of work soon, those who probably listen to a radio host besides yours truly....

But I digress.

100 days. Who cares! This is yet another media measurement that means nothing. No wonder traditional media is tanking - it has so little to offer that it invents stuff.

In two years will it be 100 hours? And when Twitter really takes over, it'll be what, 100 seconds? 100 characters?

Get a grip, media folks. Analyze the news, tell us what is happening. Stop creating false measurements.

Not that I have an opinion.

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