Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Why People are leery of events, part 4, and FaceBook

Back in Feb I wrote about the Economic Recovery event being offered in DC. I wrote about this 3 times, as it appeared to be a non-event, with no speakers and no real information. When you went to the web site, there was vistually nothing there; no real agenda, no speakers, etc. And then the venue kept changing and getting (seemingly) smaller.

Well, they are back, and the subject line in the email was "Register Now - Billions in New Spending!" and the email was from "Recovery Summit ". This is now a 2 day event which desribes itself this way: "The American Economic Recovery Summit is designed to introduce the specifics of the federal government’s massive economic recovery programs to American business and to the American people. "

I have yet to find someone's name associated with ANY of the emails that have gone out on this. Nor have any speakers been identified.

Draw your own conclusion. I have drawn mine.


re: My Facebook rants, also from February., in regard to facebook's privacy snafu. Well, I did not pull out of Facebook. A number of rasons, not the leats of which is there are many people there, who, for some reason, are not on LinkedIn. So, I am still there (sort of under protest), but I still concentrate the bulk of my social networking efforts at LinkedIn. Ahead of Facebook, the Federal Contracting Network (http://www.federalcontractor.us/) is now my #2 network.

Not that I have an opinion.

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  1. Excellent Judgement!!!

    Just my personal opinion based on my own experience but the last time I paid money to Equity International/William Loiry for an event he organized in December 2008 Mr. Loiry had the funds we paid wired to a different bank account than was listed on the sponsor/exhibitor form, canceled the event mere days before it was to be held and has (to date) been extremely uncooperative in returning the thousands of dollars wired to him for payment. I have a lawsuit alleging 4 counts of civil theft filed in Broward County, FL (case # COCE09003673) to recover the funds and Mr. Loiry is avoiding subpoena service by hiding behind a Mailboxes, Etc. address.

    I don't expect I'll be putting any confidence in any events William Loiry is affiliated with unless he chooses to do the right thing and return the thousands of dollars (plus legal fees and damages now) to our company.

    I would strongly suggest "Buyer Beware" when dealing with this company or this person.

    Better Business Bureau Complaint #: