Friday, December 21, 2012

LinkedIn replacing current applications

There has been some abrupt changes at LinkedIn over the last three months, including a reformatting of your profile. The first big change came with the "Endorsement" feature.

Yet more changes are coming to your LinkedIn profile if you use the (now old and replaced) applications, such as WordPress and SlideShare.

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Here is the  are two announcements from LinkedIn:


Applications - No Longer Supported

Why are Applications no longer supported?

Last Updated: 12/10/2012 

At LinkedIn, we want to provide a simple and efficient experience for members like you. So from time to time, we take a look at our set of features to evaluate how they're being used by our members. We have decided to replace the LinkedIn Applications feature with the ability to add rich media directly to your profile.


LinkedIn Applications: Location of 3rd Party Content

How can I access the content from my 3rd party LinkedIn Applications?

Last Updated: 12/11/2012
LinkedIn Applications are being replaced with a new feature that lets you add media links to images, presentations, videos, and documents on your profile. You may click below to see how to access content for some of those applications:

My Travel by TripIt
You will be able to continue to post TripIt updates to your LinkedIn network and profile by linking your TripIt and LinkedIn accounts. Show me how.
Legal Updates by JD Supra
We are actively working with JD Supra to integrate the content from your JD Supra portfolio into your new LinkedIn profile. Expect to hear from JD Supra directly as we make this switch. In the meantime, if you’ve been posting your documents via the "Legal Updates" app, you can continue to update your network with your latest content by logging into your account on JD Supra.
Portfolio Display by Behance
Any of your Behance content you’ve uploaded using the Portfolio Display application will be automatically migrated to the Summary section of your profile once you opt into the newly redesigned LinkedIn Profile. If you were a user of this application, you should receive an invite to opt into the new profile design shortly.
SlideShare Presentations by SlideShare
Any SlideShare content you’ve uploaded using the SlideShare Presentations application will be automatically migrated to the Summary section of your profile once you opt into the newly redesigned LinkedIn profile. If you were a user of this application, you should receive an invitation to opt into the new profile design shortly.
Lawyer Ratings by LexisNexis
With this new platform, applications such as the Lawyers Rating Application by LexisNexis®Martindale-Hubbell® will no longer be supported. This application icon will no longer display on your LinkedIn profile. Be on the look-out for the next generation Ratings application from LexisNexis®Martindale-Hubbell® available in the near future.
WordPress by Automatic
If you self-host your WordPress site, you can enable auto posting to LinkedIn through the Jetpack plugin from Automatic.
If your site is on, simply enable the Publicize setting for LinkedIn from your Dashboard.
Box Files by Box
Displaying and sharing a file from Box in your new LinkedIn profile is easy. In order to display a specific file, all you need to do is paste the file’s direct link in the LinkedIn professional gallery. Simply preview the file as you normally would in Box, select File Options - Share - Get Link to File and then click on Direct Link to generate the URL. Paste it directly in the LinkedIn professional gallery.

Repeat the same steps for other files you’d like to add to your profile. As always, you can customize the sharing and access security settings on Box for the content you add to your LinkedIn profile.

Visit the Box support site for more information and a full list of supported file types.
We cannot automatically move content from the remaining applications to your profile. You can re-add that content to your profile using our new rich media feature.

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